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Another Entrant in the Space Race    A late comer to the space race revealed itself today. Crystal Research and Technologies, in association with Dauntless Industries and Noir Industries, announce that it was making its own bid for space.
       After announcing back in September that they were looking at fixing the ozone layer and tackling the other issues that are leading to the Catastrophic Climate Change, their announcement to go to space is confusing to some, but reaffirming to others. As part of this announcement they also announced the development of an improved transparent aluminum that provides some protection from radiation, a new alloy that is lighter and stronger than current alloys and also manages to provide some protection from radiation.
       They say this decision to branch into research and technologies to help with going into space was reached after deciding they'd rather not fight for space to launch satellites or missions to study weather and the damage to the ozone layer and the polar ice packs from space. They hope to begin the first stages of tests outside the lab by the end of the month.

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