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The Vine is a local, greater NYC, paper that is often dismissed as just another "rag mag", however the smart and wise realize there's more truth within the pages of the Vine than there is fiction.

The Vine
A Journalistic Publication


The Vine is a publication supported by sources who wish to remain annonymous

New VP Appointed    With the death of Alexander Orchid, Dauntless Industries had a hole on their board for a new Vice President of Information Technologies, the one division that is the most profitable for the company, with its programs and devices for making computing easier, better and faster. They announced officially this morning the appointment of Mr. Orchid's protégé Jerico Austin to the position, while assuring everyone that the young man's skill would not be wasted behind a desk, that he would continue with his brilliant work. The appointment of Jerico to the board and position makes him the youngest board member and vice president in the company, ever.

Mystery Doctor Still Sought    Doctor Io is still sought by authorities, especially after his recent saving of several young men who'd been severely wounded by what was apparently a sword blade. The young men were delivered in serious but stable condition to Bellevue along with the doctor's charts on each one, the wounds they sustained and what was done to them. While the doctors at Bellevue do not fault his skill, they are concerned that his lack of license means he may take steps that are not approved by the State Medical Board in order to help a patient. Authorities have no idea where the men had their encounter with a long sharp object, as that was not in their records.

Mysterious Thefts    A series of strange thefts have authorities baffled, most of the thefts happen along the docks and warehouses, but similar reports have been reported from many different locations in Manhattan. Most of the things that have gone missing are the kinds of things you wouldn't think about. Packed Lunches, a few household items, the occasional wallet or purse, those often found not far away missing only any loose cash, right down to the change, the even rarer items of value, are what usually go missing. Security cameras cannot seem to catch a clear view of the person or persons responsible, on those few occasions where security cameras are present. Authorities are baffled, and hoping someone will provide information as to the person or persons responsible for these thefts.

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